Android software development is the process by which new applications are created for devices running the Android operating system. Applications are usually developed in Java.

Tips for regular uses during Android development

Tips for regular uses during Android development, these tricks and tips are mostly used by developer. 

Disable screen capture in android

Generally, when you take a screenshot, you will see a Screen Capture notification in the notification bar and you can see that screenshot in the Gallery app if you click that notification.

AsyncTask in Android

Android AsyncTask (Asynchronous Task) is an abstract class provided by Android which gives us the liberty to perform heavy tasks in the background and keep the UI thread light thus making the application more responsive and fast.

Determine if device have an Internet Connection

Some of the most programmers set alarm base background services are to schedule regular updates of application for offline data synchronization. In that case I think programmers should use the BroadcastReceiver for better results. There's no need to sched

How to add Firebase in android app

Firebase is real-time, advance and powerful tool for android app development. Firebase is a google product which allows to store data on the cloud, crashlytics, analytics, user authentication, cloud messaging and much more.

How to display animated image in android

How to use animated image or gif image in android