Tirthraj Pandey

Tirthraj Pandey

Professional Android App and Full Stack Web Developer, Blogger, Entrepreneur And Founder of Legend Blogs. I am always trying to learn new things or new possible ways to do things.

Dofollow and nofollow links in seo

Search engine crawlers follow dofollow links. Nofollow links don’t allow search engine bots to follow your links. So, let me tell you which is better, Dofollow and nofollow links in SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Android get public ip address programmatically

Hey, In this tutorial we are getting a mobile phone device IP address while the phone is connected to a Mobile data connection or WiFi connection. This example demonstrates how do I get the IP address of android device programmatically.

Split a string with multiple separators in javascript

How do I split a string with multiple separators in JavaScript? Are you trying to split into both commas and spaces and other things? But not getting success!. Don't worry, I'll give you the best solution for you.